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Brian & Jaclyn’s Proposal at Bayfront Park, Sarasota

Brian & Jaclyn’s Mom created the sweetest proposal plan together & I was SO excited to capture it. Brian and I met the week before and picked our spot in Bayfront Park and talked about how everything would happen & discussed all the particulars, even down to making sure she wasn’t wearing her purse in the park 🙂 I was waiting on a park bench with my gear hidden waiting for them to walk in front of me. He was supposed to snuggle with her for a minute (so I could get in proper position) and then he would get on one knee. What happened instead is one of these sweet young girls in the background saw them (didn’t see me at first) and offered to take their photo!! This threw things off a little and I have to hand it to Brian because he completely kept his cool & handed the girl his phone while I jumped behind a tree 🙂 The girl noticed me and realized what was about to happen so she switched to film video and then magic unfolded. Jaclyn was completely surprised, and meanwhile their families and friends were watching all of it from across the water at Marina Jack’s. I LOVE capturing proposals & this one was maybe my favorite so far!

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